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Re: [CLASS] MySQLAPI - MySQL wrapper

18 Apr 2018, 07:31

just me wrote: The project was cancelled, and currently I havn't time as well as interest to continue the work on the class script. It might be useful anyway, that's why it's here:
Hello everybody,
I need to connect a script I wrote to a MariaDB and I'd like to know if these are the latest and most complete SQL libs or there have been further developments: all the info I'm finding is several years old.
Thanks a lot!
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Re: [CLASS] MySQLAPI - MySQL wrapper

17 Aug 2018, 08:00

Hi, thanks you for usefull scripts, but i have and issue.
Try connect to server, reject with message:
Connection failed!
2026 - SSL connection error: Unable get certificate

Connection from HeiduSQL successfull, connect to another server through lib successfull too. How can i disable ssl or connect and ignore this ? I have no access to sql server, nead read data. What can it be ?

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