Freezer - A GUI for Python's cx_freeze

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Freezer - A GUI for Python's cx_freeze

23 Apr 2018, 21:40

Hey guys,

So for any of you Python buffs out there, this little script can be a nice shortcut. For those of you who don't know, Python is an interpreted language like AHK, but sharing them on Windows can be a PITA. So they invented a program called "cx_freeze" that compiles scripts to an EXE. But it's a command-line app that can also be a PITA :lol:. I wanted a way to just click an icon, choose a file, and be done with it (kinda like ahk2exe :lol:). Yes, sometimes having tons of options is a good thing (especially if you're building something commercial), but most of the time it really isn't necessary. So here goes nuttin':

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Enjoy :)

Re: Freezer - A GUI for Python's cx_freeze

24 Apr 2018, 00:47

just curious if you think there are things you can do with python that u can't with ahk?

I remember trying to compile py scripts and half the time one of the import modules messed things up and the other times I ended up with a simple program that was 59mb
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Re: Freezer - A GUI for Python's cx_freeze

24 Apr 2018, 06:20

The short version is "libraries".

AHK is awesome, and on Windows I'd say as good as or maybe even better than Python for most things (cuz as you pointed out Python seems to have way too many compatibility problems). But people aren't writing AHK bindings to popular open-source libraries, or implementing new libraries in AHK. So if I wanted to use something like PyGame (SDL), OpenCV (a computer vision lib), etc. I would have to basically build the AHK version of the library first (involving a ton of DllCall, VarSetCapacity, Num/Str/Put/Get and a bunch of other low-level crap I don't feel like taking on alone). Then there are libraries like Keras (machine learning) that are built in Python; there's no DLL or COM API to call. So if I want to use any of these, my best bet is to use Python instead of AHK. But then there are little scripts like this where AHK is better, so I guess it's the same as always - the tools you choose depend on the project.
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Re: Freezer - A GUI for Python's cx_freeze

24 Apr 2018, 09:33

When talking about Windows, and especially automation, you cannot compete much with AHK for ease of use. But when you talk about *nix programming, etc, and neat, structured, strict code, Python is the nicest looking modern language.
try it and see

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