Encrypt/decrypt Text with a hotkey

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Encrypt/decrypt Text with a hotkey

23 Apr 2018, 22:49

This might seem silly but I wanted to be able to quickly be able send encrypted messages over company IM, slack, email, etc.
It could be venting over a sensitive topic, it could be relaying a new password-safe master password to the team, or sending messages while people may be nearby that you'd rather them not catch a glimpse if they're over your shoulder.
I made adjustments to the original function's output methods for quick text messaging of any kind, feel free to modify or improve!

This might be overkill but I combined 2 encryption methods I found on the forums (could not find original topic for B64 but I linked to RC4 post in comments).
It is a cascading cipher, and the Key is automatically set to daily changing variables, with the option to use a custom key instead of the daily rotating default key.

- Highlight Plain Text and press CTRL+E to encrypt it and overwrite plain text with encrypted text, then you can send your message/IM/email etc.
- Highlight Encrypted Text and press CTRL+D to decrypt it and display the message in a MsgBox pop up.
- pass key automatically changes daily while encrypting or decrypting. During the hotkey press you have a prompt to use a completely custom pass key as well.

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loop {
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Re: Encrypt/decrypt Text with a hotkey

30 Jun 2018, 23:16

Also, this:

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