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FL Studio Snap Gui

16 May 2018, 14:20

Hello giving back to this great community. 8-)

I want to share a little pop up gui i made for FL Studio.

This Gui is mainly for the snap options menu but could be expanded upon to include more options in future releases.

At the moment it also includes: Draw, Paint, Cut, Solo Playback.

The buttons have visual feedback when you push them.

I used AutoHotkey v1.1.28.02

See the image below to get an idea (it is smaller in reality)
Or watch the demo/instructions video below.

AppsKey or RWin will open the gui at your current mouse position. (you might need to edit the position to taste)

There is 2 versions:

v1.xx - Will stay where it is when you click a button it can also be moved around.
v2.xx - Will close itself after you click a button.

You will need to edit some coordinates but i made that very easy to do see Instructions.txt or the demo video for more on that.
I know no way around this, i made the editing easy for ya tho. I can do it in 5 min.

If you need to edit the pop up position you can edit these 2 lines just below the hotkeys in the script.

Code: [Select all] [Download] GeSHi © Codebox Plus


Possible Future Updates:

It is possible to swap out a set of images for another set if the sizes are the same, if you made a set or are willing to plz share i am no image genius :) (note that the background image is stretched in this gui)

Add more things to it? I am open to ideas/suggestions i already have the code for most things fl i consider useful i can easy make an add on, just contact me about that.

Download the attachment FL Studio Snap Gui.zip to get the script and needed resources to make it work.

FL Studio Snap Gui.zip
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