Autoscript PixelSearch aka [QUICKPIXEL]

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Autoscript PixelSearch aka [QUICKPIXEL]

12 Jun 2018, 07:38

While creating a GameBot, I got tired of writing a crap-ton of PixelSearch statements. So I wrote this script and decided to share it with you guys today. I call it "QUICKPIXEL". This script finds the matching color you have clicked. It then places the coordinates of the pixel inside of an Array & Associative Array.

The entire Array with all the clicked coordinates is displayed in tooltip. All of the Arrays/Functions/Expressions are written into a text file, as seen in the tooltip, for your convenience. Your tooltip is populated with each click, if the appropriate color is matched. You can remove the PixelGetColor parameters, and have it record the X,Y of any color you click. Your Tooltip will eventually look like the image below:


Just Copy & Paste, the auto-written PixelSearches & IF statements from the files named PIXEL.txt and EXP.txt

note** All Coordinates, Expressions, Arrays will be deleted upon Reload and Reopening of script. Reload is set as F1

Hope you all ENJOY! Any feedback would be much appreciated

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