StrPut/StrGet + hex/base64

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StrPut/StrGet + hex/base64

12 Jun 2018, 17:56

- I thought that it would be good if hex/base64 support were added to StrPut/StrGet.
- I had in mind, for the Encoding parameter: 'hex' for lower-case hex, 'Hex' (or any other case other than 'hex') for upper-case hex, and 'Base64' (any case).
- I've tried to implement all of the more fiddly ideas in my wish list request myself, as custom functions, to explore their feasibility, and, to explain clearly my intentions, being some reasons. AFAIK this, my extended Sort function, and my slightly-improved dialogs are the last examples.
Sort function + extra features - AutoHotkey Community
slightly-improved dialogs - AutoHotkey Community
- WARNING: If something like this was in theory to be implemented as built-in functionality, into AHK, the design could be subtly or significantly different. However, I did try to create functions that matched the nature of StrPut/StrGet. Also, errors relating to writing to specific memory addresses and allocating memory can lead to script crashes. Also, these functions have not been extensively tested.

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