[AHK v2] Compare Texts and Highlight Differences

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[AHK v2] Compare Texts and Highlight Differences

12 Nov 2018, 23:24


I made a script that compares two texts and highlights the differences (red - deletion, green - insertion). It first computes the longest common subsequence between the two texts in the user chosen mode (line, word, or character), then it outputs the results by highlighting the differences in the RichEdit boxes. Highlighted portions of the results and the LCS (longest common subsequence) can be copied to clipboard with the option of using `r`n as extra delimiters. It gives correct, but annoying results when text is repeated (more prone to happening in character comparison mode). Use at your own risk!

To test it out you will need the following files:
https://github.com/oif2003/RichEditBox/ ... e.ahk?ts=4
https://github.com/oif2003/RichEditBox/ ... t.ahk?ts=4

credit: Just Me, majkinetor, corrupt, jballi, DigiDon, and burque505 for Class_RichEdit

Edit: The script now consolidates changes that are adjacent or can be made adjacent through swapping of matched characters in different positions. This partially fixes the annoying issue of fragmented results on text that has many repeating parts.
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Re: [AHK v2] Text Comparison With Difference Highlighting

13 Nov 2018, 12:12

@oif2003, that's very nice, and I like what you've done with Class_RichEdit for v2. Thanks for sharing it.

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