klomb's Scripts (09/20/17)

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Re: klomb's Scripts (01/03/16)

20 Jul 2017, 01:18

Hey sir can u please teach me how to use this i want to use this in flyff game i hope u help me sir :) TIA
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Re: klomb's Scripts (09/20/17)

21 Sep 2017, 00:19

Surprisingly AHKDocker still works in latest win10/ahk versions, made an update to fix win10 explorer window issues, not sure if anyone still uses this though.

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170920.220453 - (09/20/17 22:04:53)
- removed seemingly redundant code / fixed issue with explorer windows
- added missing var during mouse check
- added DISABLEMIDDLEMOUSECENTER, allowing user to disable middle mouse centering

BreakTheWind wrote:Can you add an option to disable middle click centering as it's making the script unusable for me, please?
Also an option to hide the icon.

Wish granted for that first part, as for the 2nd part I'll see about adding it later in the mean time, if you run from .ahk file you can just add #NoTrayIcon to the top.
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