ShortKeeper - Keyboard Shortcut Manager (AutoHotkey-based)

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ShortKeeper - Keyboard Shortcut Manager (AutoHotkey-based)

16 Apr 2018, 09:32

AutoHotkey has no limits when it comes to automation in Windows, but for many users who may only need simple keyboard shortcuts, installing and learning AutoHotkey, and keeping up to date, can be overkill. ShortKeeper is a new lightweight software utility to help non-programmers create and maintain an AutoHotkey based system running a set of custom keyboard shortcuts.

ShortKeeper provides basic commands to easily create shortcuts, without the need to learn AutoHotkey (e.g., open a folder/document, start an application, insert text, show a webpage, etc.). For those who want more versatility, a special command accepts AutoHotkey code to create shortcuts/macros (or to use pre-existing ones from the Internet) that can do pretty much anything.

ShortKeeper can be set up in no time and requires no specialized knowledge (e.g., ASCII, ANSI, or Unicode, 32 or 64 bit, AHK script structure, etc.). It manages the whole AutoHotkey based system in a way most non-programmers will find to be remarkably efficient and effective. Its graphical user interface can be mastered quickly thanks to interactive help zones.


ShortKeeper is free, portable, and digitally signed. It comes bundled with a version of AutoHotkey. Everything works from a single folder that can be easily moved or deleted. It is Windows 10, 7, and Vista compatible (with .NET 4 or later).

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