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AHK Generator tool

16 Jul 2017, 15:15

I've been using AHK for a couple of years now (first introduction in 2014, so 3 yrs at the time of this writing), and I've noticed a couple of consistent things on the forums. It looks like the 3 most commonly used AHK scripts are for (1) either opening or focusing a program with a macro (2) expanding text to a larger script [with a replace or something] or (3) trying to figure out whether or not a tab is open in Chrome to activate or open if it is not. Recently I submitted a topic to my company's internal tech conference about using AutoHotkey to improve efficiency, and prepared a website to help new users get started. My topic was not selected for the conference, but I have now finished the website.

It is a configuration based web editor for generating AHK scripts with some of the (at least they appear to me to be) most commonly used actions for a hotkey/string. I think this will be a useful tool for people just getting started, or for more advanced users to share scripts via a url (which people may want to shorten).

Available at: http://ahkgen.com

This project is hosted in Github and is fully available for modification and use.
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Re: AHK Generator tool

14 Oct 2017, 23:17

Interesting concept. thanks for sharing :+1:

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