SciTE Find and Replace features

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SciTE Find and Replace features

28 Feb 2016, 15:56

I LOVE using SciTE but had some confusion on find / replace functionality when I first used it. In particular when to use Regular Expression option verse Transform Backslash expressions.

I also wanted to document the cool feature of blocking multiple lines / typing over multiple lines. This comes in very handy more often that I would have thought!

Also, I changed my default setting for RegEx to use POSIX. Otherwise you need to escape the parens (which I find incredibly hard to read)
If you want to do the same- you can edit your file with the following two lines

Code: [Select all] [Download] GeSHi © Codebox Plus

#### Changing Replace to posix regular expression mode so do not have to escape parens

Anyway, if none of this makes sense (but sounds interesting) I have the Find and Replace Scite video here.

And here are a couple of helpful pages with:
SciTE documentation
SciTE RegEx documentation

Here are some useful POSIX terms which are more readable: [:xxx:] were xxx is one of the following words:
alnum letters and digits
alpha letters
digit decimal digits (like \d)
lower lower case letters
punct printing characters, excluding letters and digits
space white space
upper upper case letters
word "word" characters (like \w)
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Re: SciTE Find and Replace features

05 May 2016, 02:49

it is really useful for me.

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