Using Alt key code Characters in SciTE.

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Using Alt key code Characters in SciTE.

02 Jun 2016, 13:11

Some Alt Key Codes are accepted by SciTE (ie Alt248 " ° "). Many are not. Alt key codes, 1 through 10, 25 through 26. were not accepted by SciTe.

My solution was (in Win 10, 64 bit and Autohotkey set for Unicode 32):

Alt code Alt+26 (→) is not accepted by SciTE and results in " ? " . I did not find an encoding option in SciTE similar to the Notepadd++ ENCODING option.

Open a new, or previously written, script in notepad++ .
With a New script, I Changed the encoding to Unicode-8-BOM.
If it's an old script, I used the Encoding option "Convert to Unicode-8-BOM". (Not using the "BOM" option resulted in getting the wrong character for me.)

Save the script from Notepad++

The script, reopened in SciTE, will now accept, save, and execute the Alt code.

Example the script:
U_Var = Alt26 → and Alt4 ♦ and Alt6 ♠
Msgbox %U_Var%

Executing the script will show the message box with "Alt26 → and Alt4 ♦ and Alt6 ♠"

I hope this is of some use to someone.


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