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Re: Pulover's Macro Creator v5.0.5 - The Complete Automation Tool

17 Aug 2018, 21:10

GiefCat wrote:Hello! I just had a quick question as I'm having some issues with version 5.0.5 64-Bit.

When using the Mouse command for Move and Click, I click the ... for the coordinates, but when I right click nothing happens. I've just been entering the coordinates manually, but the same issue for the control click which is a lot of information to try and type in sometimes.

Also, if I try to do anything with the image search by clicking to hold and drag, it'll instantly just grab the entire window even while I'm still holding right click.

I've tried running as admin, uninstalling/reinstalling, running in windows compatibility mode, but still no luck. Running Windows 10, 64-Bit

Any advice on what could be happening?

GiefCat, I've discovered a workaround that fixes this. (but is not perfect, as I note below)

Go to OPTIONS > SETTINGS > GENERAL > Click on KEY HISTORY button at lower right.
The script window pops up.

Then, click the red "X" in the right top corner to close that window.
Don't use FILE > QUIT. That will close out Macro Creator altogether.

Here's teh suk:
The hotkeys to play, pause, stop, etc no longer work.
However, you can still use the control bar, the toolbar icons or the tray icon to do these things, so you still have the functionality.

Lastly, you can always grab your window data while the hotkeys are suspended and then turn them back on, after your window details have been populated.

Here's what the header looks like with hotkeys enabled and then disabled:

ENABLED: (default)

Window: Settings
Keybd hook: yes
Mouse hook: yes
Enabled Timers: 1 of 8 (WinCheck)
<~ I think the problem exists here
Interrupted threads: 0
Paused threads: 0 of 1 (0 layers)
Modifiers (GetKeyState() now) =
Modifiers (Hook's Logical) =
Modifiers (Hook's Physical) =
Prefix key is down: no


Window: Settings
Keybd hook: yes
Mouse hook: no
Enabled Timers: 0 of 8 ()
Interrupted threads: 0
Paused threads: 0 of 1 (0 layers)
Modifiers (GetKeyState() now) =
Modifiers (Hook's Logical) =
Modifiers (Hook's Physical) =
Prefix key is down: no

Re: Pulover's Macro Creator v5.0.5 - The Complete Automation Tool

10 Sep 2018, 09:09

I am running into a saving problem when I use PMC, the problem is when I reopen a script I was working on the code is scrambled or parts of it get moved around. Then I have to go back and debug the whole thing to figure out what changed . It also crashes at random intervals . It can be in 5 min sometimes 40 min. I am on windows 10. Anything I can do or any solutions out there ?
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Re: Pulover's Macro Creator v5.0.5 - The Complete Automation Tool

21 Sep 2018, 04:13

Hi all. I have a unique question. I play a game called anarchy online and I need a way to easily delete items. To delete items in this game you hold down right click for 200ms (its changeable), then click the delete option and then finally hit accept when it asks if you're sure you want to delete. Problem is there are places where you're farming for a particular item and get many junk drops before you get what you want and you may have to delete hundreds of times in an hour of gameplay, at least.

So my question is...since the location/coordinates of the delete/click locations changes based on where the delete dialogue box is for any given item I want to know if there's a way to delete based on cursors current location. e.g. when i hover cursor over item and press the macro hotkey click rmouse button down>wait 200ms>release rmouse>move over and down x number of pixels>left click>wait 200ms>move over and down x number of pixels>left click

Appreciate any responses. If I could automate this this would make life so much easier. I spend more time doing this than i do playing lol

Thank you!

Re: Pulover's Macro Creator v5.0.5 - The Complete Automation Tool

23 Sep 2018, 00:33

I know of a few ways you can do those. I tried to write them from easiest to implement to hardest IMO. They are all available from within P Macro Creator as well as can be coded manually as an AutoHotKey script.
You can use this command at the beginning of your script as you have described in the steps of your post to get the mouse cursor when you triggered the hotkey for delete. https://autohotkey.com/docs/commands/MouseGetPos.htm Then when you add your mouse movements https://autohotkey.com/docs/commands/MouseMove.htm you add the R flag to the MoveMouse command and it will make it relative to the mouse position
If omitted, the X and Y coordinates will be treated as absolute values. To change this behavior, specify the following letter:
R: The X and Y coordinates will be treated as offsets from the current mouse position. In other words, the cursor will be moved from its current position by X pixels to the right (left if negative) and Y pixels down (up if negative).
If you do not get the Relative to work you can calculate the distance manually and just add to the Mouse X and Y positions that were taken from the MouseGetPos (for example if the x is stored in FoundX and the delete button is 30 pixels away, then your new movement would look like MoveMouse, %FoundX%+30 %FoundY%+30)
You can combine this with any of the options below as well such as waiting for the window to be active and appear as well as finding the delete button with the windows commands, see below for links to the syntax.
Another method would be to use image search https://autohotkey.com/docs/commands/ImageSearch.htm and snag the image in your delete dialogue box that you would be clicking on when it finally appears. You can trigger the image search to happen after your 200ms . You can combine this method with the various windows commands such as WinWait or WinWaitActive etc https://autohotkey.com/docs/commands/WinWaitActive.htm to ensure that the delete dialogue box is present before triggering an image search.
You can use the ControlClick comand with the WinWaitActive and when the dialogue appears you can click the delete button by telling the ControlClick where exactly to click relative to the window dialogue that pops up. https://autohotkey.com/docs/commands/ControlClick.htm In the macro creator you would point to the dialogue box and the place you want to click on your game on after choosing ControlClick from the drop down menu, in AutoHotKey you can most likely use windows spy or another spy helper to get the window information.

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