pulover and automating a few tasks

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pulover and automating a few tasks

29 Mar 2017, 00:41

hey everyone. Just got done installing the pulover macro program and i'm a bit overwhelmed.

What I would like to do is the following.

let's say I have a folder with many movies in mp4 format that needs to be processed through a filter using a program called virtualdub.

if I only have one such movie file, i would, first generate an avs (a txt file with txt extension replaced with avs) file that has the following in the files itself.

Code: Select all

DirectShowSource("some movie.mp4")
That avs file would be named some movie.avs and this is necessary.

Once I have that avs file, i would then have to use the program virtual dub to do the following

1. open the some movie.avs in virtual dub. either by dragging or from file > open, navigate to the movie directory and choose the 'some movie.avs"

2. open the deshaker filter by video> filters, which open a dialogue box with "add" button, choosing "add"

3. that opens a box with a list of filters. I would choose deshaker filter and click ok to accept the default setting and to close the list box, and then ok again to close the box from step 2.

3. We're back in the main window and from there I would choose file> run video analysis tool.

4. Once analysis is finished I need to go back to the video>filters and click on the deshaker filter and click on configure. Then I would need to click on pass 2 and click on ok and ok again in the filter box to allow the filter to deshake.

5. Then under video>compression, choose h264 ad then click ok.

6. File>save as avi and once the save box opens, copy the file name ,and then click on cancel.

7. File >export>using external encoder, choose the default and click ok. paste the file name into the save dialogue box and click save.

that's what I have to do to a folder with many such movie files.

How do I automate steps 1 to 7, which can be recorded through the pulover macro program, so it can be loop through all the files in the folder? (actual number of files vary depending on the folder.)

I'm a little out of my depth here and can use all the help.

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