;@Ahk2Exe-AddResource LIB looking for standard lib

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;@Ahk2Exe-AddResource LIB looking for standard lib

06 Oct 2017, 10:37

I often use ahkmini/ahkthread with some #include inside the dynamic script. For example:

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#include <testlib>

If I want to compile for a single usable executable, I have to let the compiler include testlib in the resource. That is:

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;@Ahk2Exe-AddResource LIB FULL/PATH/TO/testlib.ahk

Using modified Directive_AddResource function inside the Compiler/Directives.ahk, along with ListIncludes.ahk, the compiler will looking for non-full-path library in Compiler/../Lib . Wish somebody help refine it and may be HotKeyIt will adapt this idea ~

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