Error using _Struct

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Error using _Struct

09 Jul 2018, 17:02

Once again, issues while trying to update ScriptUp. The main change is offloading all the child threads to a child thread. The sequence is: main script > offload thread > many child threads. I've tested running a DLL thread from a DLL thread and I recall it working before. I'm still using _MemoryLibrary for this task, which uses _Struct. Specifically, I get Error: CONTINUABLE EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION, which also states the mouse/keyboard hooks are disabled, the exception thread id, and line where the exception was thrown. Respective to the _Struct file on its own, it's line 530, which is

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else Return (new _Struct(pointer this["`t"],NumGet(this[""],"PTR")))[_field_]:=_value_
Is there something about this line that's incompatible with _H, or is it that I'm not able to run threads on threads using _MemoryLibrary?

Tried versions:
Main script: AHK_L

Everything is being tested on x64, using 64-bit versions.

Edit: forgot to mention: the error occurs on the offload thread, not the main script.

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