hotstring of 5 left mouse clicks

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hotstring of 5 left mouse clicks

13 Mar 2018, 01:46

i need it to wait until i click the right mouse button 5 times, on the 5th click i would like it to run the script

this is one of my failed scripts it should give you an idea of what i want it to do

sleep, 500
send r
*$~r:: reload

its for a shooting game where after 5 shots my clip is empty and i need to press r to reload gun. so basically it counts how many bullets ive shot.

a problem is that i will also be holding down other keys while im clicking.

what might be another problem is that i have other scripts also using mouse clicks

the script would be dead easy if the shoot button was a key. for example if shoot was f then it would be:

send r
*$~r:: reload
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Re: hotstring of 5 left mouse clicks

13 Mar 2018, 15:45


I Hope this will help you...

Code: Select all

global ClickCount := 0

if(ClickCount == 5){
	Send r
	ClickCount := 0
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Re: hotstring of 5 left mouse clicks

14 Mar 2018, 01:50

I am your average ahk newbie. Just.. a tat more cute. ;)

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