AutoHotkey commands/functions as dll functions

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AutoHotkey commands/functions as dll functions

12 Nov 2017, 15:04

- I was wondering if it was possible to use any of the AutoHotkey functions/commands as dll functions that you could call via DllCall.
- Basically, I had in mind to use the InputBox function/command from within C++. So no worries if it isn't possible.
- (If anyone happened to have any recommendations for how to get an InputBox in C++ that would be great. You can use the Winapi MessageBox function, to get a MsgBox.)
- I checked which dll functions were available in AutoHotkeyMini.dll, but none of them corresponded to AutoHotkey functions/commands. Cheers.

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;[get x64 and x32 versions of AutoHotkeyMini.dll] ;GitHub - HotKeyIt/ahkdll-v1-release: AutoHotkey_H v1 release ; ;DllListExports() - List of Function exports of a DLL - AutoHotkey Community ; q:: vDll := "C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey\AutoHotkeyMini.dll" Clipboard := StrReplace(DllListExports(vDll), "`n", "`r`n") "`r`n" return
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Re: AutoHotkey commands/functions as dll functions

12 Nov 2017, 17:15

You can call ahkFunction:

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dll:=AhkThread(" ( #Persistent InputBox(Title:="""",Prompt:="""", HIDE:="""", Width:="""", Height:="""", X:="""", Y:="""", Font:="""", Timeout:="""", Default:=""""){ InputBox,var,`% Title,`% Prompt,`% HIDE,`% Width,`% Height,`% X,`% Y, ,`% Timeout,`% Default return var } )") MsgBox % dll.ahkFunction("InputBox","Test","Type something")
But you can also use ahkExec to run a command and then read output variable:

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dll:=AhkThread("#Persistent") dll.ahkExec("InputBox,var,Test,Type something") MsgBox % dll.ahkgetvar.var

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