AutoHotkey.dll or AutoHotkey.Interop with CLR

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AutoHotkey.dll or AutoHotkey.Interop with CLR

27 May 2018, 18:29

Hi all,
I'm look for some tips on how to get AutoHotkey.dll and/or AutoHotkey.Interop to work.
I've been able get the following code to run in LinqPad by adding a reference to AutoHotkey.Interop:

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Dim Engine As New AutoHotkey.Interop.AutoHotkeyEngine
engine.ExecRaw("!^g::send Hello World")
engine.ExecRaw("msgbox, Move me out of the way`nI block threads")

However, if I try it in AHK script, like so (CLR_H.ahk is just CLR.ahk with references to built-in variables renamed - "null", that is, renamed to "nulo" - works fine if I'm not trying to call AutoHotkey.Interop or AutoHotkey.dll):

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I get the following error:

All help greatly appreciated!

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