Autofire and toggle

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Geff T
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Re: Autofire and toggle

09 May 2016, 18:25

tidbit wrote:Welcome to ahk, Geff T :)


i have had to give in and ask a Q here i wont go to OT
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Re: Autofire and toggle

30 Jun 2016, 05:30

Please can we remove the GetKeyState technique for detecting release of a key? IMHO it is bad advice (Only works with one key) and is inefficient (Potentially introduces up to 10ms lag if you use a Sleep 10)

See here:

Re: Autofire and toggle

05 Mar 2017, 15:01

ok but how do i change the hotkey
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Re: Autofire and toggle

05 Mar 2017, 16:22

please read before asking.
Helpful links:
1. Don't know how to use these? READ THIS:
2. AHK not working in your game/program? READ THIS:
3. List of keys to use as HOTKEYS (the line with "::"):

and also a link explaining.
as well as a tutorial teaching you the very basics.
rawr. fear me.
Is it December 21, 2012 yet?

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