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Re: Circle progress bar

02 Apr 2015, 14:08

Learning one wrote:FanaticGuru, I don't get such errors...

I imagine you do a #include <Gdip> in your script.

I typically don't do that. I generally just make sure I do a pToken := Gdip_Startup() before I start calling any other functions. After you call one library function all functions in the library are callable even if they do not follow the library naming convention.

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Re: Circle progress bar

02 Apr 2015, 14:15

But this is a doughnut progress! :morebeard: :lol:
How about a class for a wheel with wedges like in Chrome download?
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Learning one
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Re: Circle progress bar

02 Apr 2015, 16:23

Bruttosozialprodukt, OK ;)
FanaticGuru, yes I always use #Include LibFullPathHere.ahk in my scripts
Guest10, I'm not sure what do you have on mind... can you show me what do you imagine - how would progress bar loading look in such "Chrome's wheel with wedges" style?

toralf, I just tried to include WM_LBUTTONDOWN monitoring in the class itself, but I never did that before and it seems I don't know to do it :(
I put this in __New():

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if (this.UseClickThrough=0)	; so it's clickable - therefore enable click & drag and handle that via WM_LBUTTONDOWN() method
OnMessage(0x201, this["WM_LBUTTONDOWN"])

Now, if i make WM_LBUTTONDOWN(wParam, lParam, msg, hwnd) method, i'll get error because it requires 5 parameters; (4 +1 hidden; this) and this is documented in OnMessage(): "Failure occurs when Function is known to require more than four parameters"

If I just make WM_LBUTTONDOWN() method (no params) I can't make use of it because this.hwnd returns blank value

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I could do something like OnMessage(0x201, Func("CircleProgressClass_WM_LBUTTONDOWN")) but I think that's the wrong approach...
Any advices? How to monitor WM_LBUTTONDOWN message in the class?

Edit: I asked for help here
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Re: Circle progress bar

02 Apr 2015, 16:28

A small wheel with wedges appears in Chrome browser when I download something and it is a small progress indicator that appears on the lower-left corner of my Chrome book during downloads.
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Re: Circle progress bar

02 Apr 2015, 22:08

Another Problem solved :)

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