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[Script] Offline Docs: Go To Definition

17 May 2018, 12:32

a dumb way of implementing definition lookup without ruining your clipboard.
rebind hotkeys as you see fit.
adjust the delays accordingly

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Re: [Script] Offline Docs: Go To Definition

18 May 2018, 14:43

Cool idea, I like it very much, I will put it in my misc script :thumbup:.
Comments, I'd recommend clipboard := "" before send ^c and clipwait instead of sleep after. Also, I'd put a winwait ... after run, and then call activateHelpPasteFast after the winwait. You could use setkeydelay and setwindelay to avoid all the sleep delay lines, and send all in one line, doesn't really matter though. Finally, I need to send !ss, not !s, it is possible this differs due to language settings.

Thanks for sharing, cheers :wave:.

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