Simple Sobriety Tracker

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Simple Sobriety Tracker

17 May 2018, 16:30

I decided to get my drinking under control before anything got out of hand, and made this Sobriety Tracker. Thought i'd pass it on in case anyone else could use it.

It creates a widget on the desktop that tracks your sobriety (based on the date at the top of the file). It keeps up with days, weeks, months, and years. It also dynamically resizes to fit the content in the widget, can be click and dragged, and can be closed via the notification tray.

New versions can be found on pastebin first, unless there's much interest on this forum:

To Do: maybe add some random quotes, in gui-configuration, & maybe track statistics over time if the count ever resets.

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Re: Simple Sobriety Tracker

Yesterday, 17:26

Hi RLocke,

I was inspired by your script so I generalized it and added some functions from the old forum to calculate the elapsed periods:

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Re: Simple Sobriety Tracker

Today, 10:24

Love this!

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