open-source alternative to keystarter

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open-source alternative to keystarter

29 Aug 2018, 09:43

I looked for a program that behaves like On-Screen Keyboard (osk.exe).
But instead of keyboard with keys that sends keystrokes, I want a toolbar buttons that sends text, or even better, that launch scripts.
An on-top toolbar that the user can add/remove buttons, and edit the button sendtext/script.

The closet program I've found is keystarter.
but it's not open-source, and limited.
keystarter is a 5 days in every week freeware that you can use. (Saturday and Monday only with license)
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Re: open-source alternative to keystarter

29 Aug 2018, 22:06

why not build this yourself in AHK. seems pretty basic?


Re: open-source alternative to keystarter

30 Aug 2018, 07:20

I would second guest3456's suggestion and roll your own in AutoHotkey.

Just to note there is an app similar to AutoHotkey which does already work with a floating toolbar and buttons, also freeware, called powerpro which you can find here (as with AutoHotkey downloads and/or visiting the website might upset your AntiVirus and/or show browser warnings) - you can even skin the toolbar - some examples here

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