Mouse Wheel sequence.

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Mouse Wheel sequence.

15 Sep 2018, 06:53

Hi, so I want my mouse wheel to do a cycle of things, each action on 1 roll.

For example:
1 Wheel Down -> Press H
Next Wheel Down -> Press E
Next Wheel Down -> Press L
Next Wheel Down -> Press L
Next Wheel Down -> O

So when I Roll my mouse wheel down fast, it writes: "Hello"
and It can go repeat from top again.

What's the code for this?
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Re: Mouse Wheel sequence.

16 Sep 2018, 05:55

You need:
- WheelDown:: which lets you activate the script by using Mwheel down
- a counter variable which gets incremented by 1 each time you move the mouse wheel down
- if statements that check the value of the variable
- send commands which send the specific key, depending on the value of the variable

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