Quick Script Request (I can pay)

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Quick Script Request (I can pay)

15 Sep 2018, 21:02

Hey guys,

I have a project where a portion of the project could be very easily automated with AHK although I don't really intend to learn the language (not a computer scientist).


Dual monitors, I will have two windows of a game with different accounts logged on one will be taking up each screen (same resolution), but I want any action input into the 'application 1' to be mirrored in 'application 2' but my mouse ultimately remain where the action was initially executed (essentially)

I had this much before I realized I should just be doing things I know I can do:

Thanks again in advance and have a great day:)

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Re: Quick Script Request (I can pay)

16 Sep 2018, 01:36

I am too new at scripting to really make what you are asking, but I do remember WoW multi boxing. That had very similar to what you are asking. My guess would be first making something that could track your mouse and display it's co-ordinates. Then work on switching window focus without having to click the other window. Then add a direct x variable equal to your screen width and combine it all.

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